If you are passionate about creating healthy habits to maintain your energy, then Authentic Empowered™ is for you.

We've helped 200 entrepreneurs develop healthy coping strategies to deal with stress, and connect with their spiritual side. Going from burnout to experience joy for life. 

As a client of Authentic Empowered™, you get a holistic plan to address your life's physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. 

We'll use a combination of mindfulness, cognitive behavioral techniques, and relaxation techniques to manage your energy levels and create more balance in your life.

Restore to your authentic, empowered self with the proven 
HeartMatrix Healing System™ supporting you every step of the way. 
Client Results Through Our Programs
Through our proven HeartMatrix Healing System™, entrepreneurs from all walks of life have recovered from burnout at record speed. 

Whether you are spiraling downward in burnout or not knowing your purpose in life, we can help you achieve your goals here. 

Experience a coaching program like no other in the industry. 

If you’re a “black sheep” like us, then welcome to your new Family. Book a call today to get started.
Your Launchpad For Life-Transforming Healing 
How do we create such fast results for our clients? Because we start you off right.

Once you're accepted into our program, you're immediately onboarded to set you up for life-transforming healing. 

Then you get a Design Alliance Session, where we identify your goals and create a vision blueprint to achieve them. 

Our fastest client Bex went from spiraling downward in burnout, living with constant overwhelm in darkness, to emotional control, and managing her energy, in only two months! 

Then we schedule your 1-on-1 with Helene Daim to launch you into healing burnout and past trauma so you can create new healthy habits to manage your energy. 

After completing these two 1-on-1 launch sessions, you start executing our proven HeartMatrix Healing System™ and plug into your weekly implementation, focus areas, daily reminders, private telegram chat with 24/7 support, and recorded coaching calls. 

So what are you waiting for? Book your call today, and let's get started.
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