Purposeful Entrepreneur
Client Results
Veronica went from waking up feeling heavy to starting her day light-hearted and excited about the day!! 
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Gorm went from exhaustion and procrastination, to gain his energy back and doing what needed to be done!! 
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Josh solved lacking clear direction with his clients! 
Jani was stuck, not knowing his purpose to gain clear direction!
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Hi, I am Helene Daim from Norway
When I was 17 years old, I tended my first personal development seminar, and I immediately knew this was my career path. At the time, I didn't have the confidence to chase that dream. Instead, I became Norway's top salesperson for a world-renowned product brand. Because I had no idea how to take care of my inner wellbeing and holistic health properly, my career ended with burnout, and on top of that, my family broke apart. I had been betrayed and taken advantage of by the people I trusted the most, it was a hard time. This event was the beginning of my search for something bigger than myself. I traveled to Thailand, healed my heart, and took on clients from 30 nationalities worldwide working at a five-star holistic resort. My success with my clients inspired me to write my book Authentic Power - Overcoming Life's Crossroads. After that, I moved back to Europe, I got into a romantic relationship that ended, and this was when my life hit rock bottom. All my past trauma reawakened because I had been manipulated and taken advantage of once again. I lost belief in myself, no longer trusted myself, lost my mind, blamed myself for what happened, was ashamed of who I was, and became a smaller version of myself. It was horrifying. Luckily, I could heal all my unhealed trauma because of that situation! Now, I wake up happy; my sleep has never been better, I trust myself, I love myself, I show up constantly in my business, my self-belief is back up high, and I am showing up daily offline and online in my true Authentic Power. And because of all this, I have now put together the highly intensive healing program, Purposeful Entrepreneur. I am honoured and happy to share the four steps you need to reclaim your authentic empowered self once and for all. 
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