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Who is Helene Daim?
Norwegian author, coach, founder of HeartMatrix Healing System™ and Authentic Empowered™
Helene’s story of resilience began at the age of 17 when she first attended a personal development seminar and knew her career path was set. 

However, she lacked the confidence to pursue it and instead became Norway’s top salesperson for a world-renowned product brand. 

Unfortunately, her success didn’t last as she suffered from burnout due to her lack of self-care and her family breaking apart due to betrayal from those she trusted. 

In search of a deeper meaning in life, Helene moved to Thailand and began to heal her heart. She became a certified coach and provided support to entrepreneurs of 30 nationalities at a five-star holistic resort. 

The success of her clients and her own personal growth inspired her to write her book Authentic Power – Overcoming Life’s Crossroads. 

After moving back to Europe, Helene experienced another traumatic event when her romantic relationship ended. This time, her experience of betrayal and manipulation resulted in anxiety, depression, isolation, and disconnection from her spirituality. It was a time of immense difficulty, but it also sparked a journey of self-discovery and healing. 

Helene was able to recover and develop a healthy work-life balance, a strong connection to her purpose in life, and a deep acceptance of herself. Her relationships with family and friends are now meaningful and she is able to say “no” when she needs to. 

To help others do the same, she has created the HeartMatrix Healing System™. The system are apart of the coaching program Authentic Empowered™. A four-step program that helps people to heal from burnout, reconnect with their authentic powerment, and find holistic health and wellbeing. 

Through the program, entrepreneurs can learn to manage their stress, develop habits that help them maintain their energy, create a meaningful relationship with oneself and others, cope with changes and develop joy for life. 

With the launch of the coaching program Authentic Empowered™, Helene brings her insights to the world so that others can benefit from her wisdom. 
Authentic Empowered™
If you want to let go of overwhelm and inability to keep up with your workload in exchange for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, then Authentic Empowered™ is for you.

We've helped 200 Entrepreneurs from 30 countries worldwide heal and recover from burnout to find joy and meaning in life. 

Use our proven HeartMatrix Healing System™
✓ Instantly positive shift in managing your energy levels
✓ Create more balance in your life
✓ Gain clarity and focus
✓ Create healthier habits to take care of yourself and take back control of your destiny

With our relentless 1:1 support, weekly deep-dive coaching calls, and proven systems, there is no reality where you don't achieve any goal you set your mind to 
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