Business Growth without 
Health compromise
Who is Helene Daim?
Wellness Trainer  | Author | CEO and Founder of HeartMatrix™ 
Hello! I'm Helene Daim, founder of HeartMatrix™, CoreCalm BusinessHealth™ Program and the author of Authentic Empowered - Overcoming Life's Crossroads. 

My journey, enriched by my experiences living in Ibiza, Bali, and Koh Samui, and interactions with clients from 30 nationalities, has been one of profound transformation.

With certification in leadership and coaching from CTI, I've navigated the tumultuous path of burnout and depletion. 

This personal battle inspired me to create the CoreCalm BusinessHealth™ program, a testament to my commitment to helping business owners thrive without sacrificing their health. 

My approach is rooted in Energy Organizing Systems™, a unique methodology born from my own healing journey.

I believe in the power of resilience and the importance of aligning business success with personal wellbeing. This belief shaped my work, guiding entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable growth and health.

If you're seeking a partner in transforming your business and health, I'm here to help. 

Together, we can chart a course for your health-driven business success. 

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Let's connect and craft a plan tailored to your needs.
CoreCalm BusinessHealth™
CoreCalm BusinessHealth™ is tailored for business owners wrestling with stress and seeking connections beyond work. Discover how to create heart coherence, manage emotions, and release pressure. Align your health with your business growth, and witness a transformation that extends beyond work into every aspect of your life.

With a global footprint across 30 countries, our wellness solutions have enhanced the lives and efficiency of countless entrepreneurs.

Our Energy Organizing Systems™ promise a new dawn of clarity, balance, and rejuvenation:

✓ Relief from overwhelming stress for enhanced mental clarity.

✓ Emotional equilibrium to navigate business pressures with grace.

✓ Transformation of controlling and perfectionist tendencies into adaptive, healthy strategies.

✓ A shift from burnout to sustainable energy, igniting enthusiasm for both work and life.

CoreCalm BusinessHealth™ is your partner in wellness, offering personalized training, supportive systems, and consistent guidance. We’re committed not just to relieving stress, but to equipping you with lifelong skills for health and business prosperity.
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